Arctic Heat cooling caps

OnVita offers an innovative product for Latvia — hypothermic caps Arctic Heat, which will help prevent hair loss during chemotherapy by cooling the scalp. This device is worn on the patient's head during chemotherapy sessions.

The goal of chemotherapy is the destruction of fast-growing cells. Cancer cells belong to fast-growing; Other cells, such as hair cells, also belong to them. Chemotherapy can cause hair loss on the head, arms, legs, groin, and eyebrows and eyelashes. Depending on the type of chemotherapy, your hair may fall out in some or all of these areas.

Cooling the scalp is one of the methods of reducing hair loss during chemotherapy of dense tumors. Solid tumors include all types of cancer, except leukemia and lymphoma. Cooling the scalp involves wearing a hypothermic cap before, during, and after the chemotherapy session.

Cooling of the scalp has been used for many years in some countries in Europe, the United States, Great Britain and Australia.

Arctic Heat caps for hypothermia were developed at the suggestion of doctors and in cooperation with other medical workers to support patients undergoing chemotherapy. These hypothermic hats, designed and manufactured in Australia from the highest quality materials, have a lining made from a specially designed polyester blocking fabric with a built-in moisture wicking fabric. Moisture is removed from the scalp, resulting in the product becoming dry.

Шапочки are simple to use; all you need is the necessary amount of Arctic Heat cooling caps (depending on the duration of the infusion), a freezer (for cooling at home) and cooling packages for transporting the caps to the clinic.

International studies show that hair loss can be reduced as soon as the scalp temperature drops below 22°C. Hypothermic hats Arctic Heat reduce the temperature of the scalp to 17 °C in just 7 minutes.

The necessary temperature of the skin is maintained at the level of about 19°С (optimum level) for 1 hour (based on 1 cap). Depending on the duration of the chemotherapy session, several changes of caps are required to reduce the temperature of the scalp throughout the treatment with cytostatics.

We supply special packages for chemotherapy consisting of 3, 4 or 5 caps. This allows patients to wear one cap on the way to treatment (pre-cooling), one during chemotherapy and one after it to ensure constant cooling of hair follicles to reduce hair loss.

Hypothermic caps Arctic Heat are recognized as an economically effective solution and have proven their effectiveness in preventing significant hair loss in 80% of patients. A one-time purchase means that you can use your hypothermia cap for any number of procedures without expensive monthly rent.

Cooling caps are simple and easy to use. They do not need to be attached to the machine, they can be moved freely.

How does the cooling of the scalp work

Every hair on the body grows from a  hair follicle. Small blood vessels of the scalp supply the cells of these follicles with food and oxygen and remove waste. Any chemotherapeutic preparations in the bloodstream will also be transferred to  hair follicles. When the blood vessels of the scalp cool down, they narrow and less blood passes through them.

Cooling the scalp during chemotherapy means that fewer chemotherapeutic preparations reach the hair follicles, which means a lower probability of hair loss. For the correct operation of the hypothermic cap, it must sit tightly on the head.

Cooling the scalp can be an effective way to prevent or reduce hair loss. However, you won't know how effective it is until you try it. Sometimes, despite the cooling of the scalp, you may notice that your hair has become slightly thinner. Unfortunately, some people who use scalp cooling will still suffer from hair loss.

Cooling the scalp protects only the hair on the head. Body hair, including eyelashes, eyebrows, beards and mustaches, chest hair and  forehead hair may fall out.

Who is not suitable for cooling the scalp

Unfortunately, cooling the scalp is not suitable for everyone. It is not suitable for:

• persons with hematological oncological diseases, such as melanoma, leukemia and lymphoma, because there is a high risk of survival of cancer cells in the blood vessels of the scalp, causing relapse of cancer after treatment;

• some people who require very high doses of chemotherapy, as cooling the scalp is unlikely to work with very high doses of drugs;

• those who receive continuous chemotherapy with a pump for several days, as it makes the cooling of the scalp ineffective;

• some patients whose liver does not work properly - this may cause chemotherapy drugs to circulate in the body longer than usual, and it may be impossible to keep the scalp cool for a sufficiently long time.

• people who suffer from severe migraines.

In order for the cooling of the scalp to work, the temperature of the scalp must be low while the medicine circulates in the blood.

This means that the scalp should be cold for approximately 45-60 minutes before, during and approximately 45-60 minutes after chemotherapy.

You may feel chilly as your scalp cools down, and you may need warm clothing. Hot drinks will help you warm up. Headache rarely occurs when the scalp cools down, especially in hot weather.

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